Disney Muppet Babies Reboot on Disney Junior

I think the new Muppet Babies series on Disney Junior is gonna be a hit! I made sure to put it through a proper test with true Disney Junior fans. Gwendolyn and her cousin Bella, both 3 years old, were having a play date at our house and we had more then an a few engaging options that they were bouncing between. Play dough, blocks and rolls of tape, our kitchen/diner water play and of course our Disney princess castle and princesses. To make sure I did not influence their decision I did not make an announcement that there was a new fun show on I simply put it on and sat back to see what they would do. Well, as I suspected the theme song perked up their ears, what three year old doesn’t love a new catchy song?

There was not an immediate dash for the couch but after a few minutes they meandered slowly towards the activities with a better view of the TV. But, by the end of the first episode I had two snuggle bugs cuddled in next to me as we all enjoyed the show.

This was especially fun andΒ  nostalgic for me because I grew up watching theΒ  previous Muppet Babies cartoon that premiered in 1984 -1994.

And who could forget the live action version. Which if I’m honest was my favorite.

The new reprisal has some of our favorite characters Monster with his drum set, Gonzo and his questionable love for chickens, Fozzy and his silly jokes, Kermit and Miss Piggy being… well… Kermit and Miss Piggy.Β  In addition, there is a new friend a penguin named Summer and to my personal delight Statler and Waldorf made an appearance as the grumpy old neighbors that hang out on their balcony and do their usual banter and heckling.

Over all the Muppet Babies reboot is a success and it is Disney Junior Fan approved! Make sure to catch new episodes on Disney Junior on Fridays at 10:00 am.

And if you see Mickey before we do, tell him we said Hi!

~Alissa & Kae



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