Over 20 of Our Favorite Disney Movie Easter Eggs

It doesn’t have to be Easter to go on an Easter Egg hunt! So hunt we did and we have rounded up some of our favorites starting with the newest releases and traveling back through the years. Hope you Enjoy!


The Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story that makes an appearance in every Pixar movie. Keep your eyes peeled in the first scene or you will miss it.


The Kakamora coconut that resembles our favorite “Health Care Companions” from Big Hero 6, Baymax.

A very familiar carrot and sticks that look like they may have been used before to build a snowman.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Tony Stark has an AI program clearly labeled Tadashi, the name of Hero’s brother in Big Hero 6, that he passes over when trying to replace Jarvis.

Big Hero 6

Stan Lee makes a cameo after the credits as Fred’s dad.

T.J. Millers character  is wearing a dragon costume that looks suspiciously like another dragon, Barf, seen in How to Train Your Dragon who’s rider is also voiced by T.J.


The disclaimer at the end of the credits that debunks Kristoff’s booger statement.


Again the Pizza Planet truck carved by the crafty woodcarver.

Cars 2

Cars Land’s version of Gusteau’s restaurant from Ratatouille.


Pixars famous  lamp, Luxar Jr, has been found and used as the right arm of statue built by WALL•E for EVE.


Bomb Voyage from Incredible’s  makes a cameo on the streets of Paris in Ratatouille.

Meet the Robinson’s

Posters for Toy Story and the Jungle book adorned the fence at “Goobs” baseball game.

Lilo & Stitch

Mulan’s Wok restaurant in town on Kauaʻi and a Mulan poster on Nani’s bedroom wall.


A nod to our favorite Hunted Mansion busts.


Genie’s Goofy hat. “Heeee’s outta here!”

Disney Animators Ron Clements and John Musker  first cameo debut.

Beauty and the Beast

The Beast gets a Cowardly Lion inspired make over.


The Circus is formally the WDP Circus also known as Walt Disney Production Circus.


The sorcerer’s name is Yen Sid which is Disney spelled backwards.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Six of the dwarfs eye brows were modeled after Walt himself and his own fascinatingly expressive eyebrows while he enthusiastically  talked about all his ideas in story meetings. The only exception is Happy who sports white bushy brows instead.

Let us know what your favorite Easter eggs are!

And if you see Mickey before we do, tell him we said Hi!

~Alissa & Kae


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