The Unique Story Behind Snow White’s Grotto And Wishing Well

Fifty seven years ago on April 9, 1961 Walt Disney Dedicated the Snow White Wishing Well at Disneyland Park.

The story behind the iconic statues is a  quaint tale that showcases the brilliance and creativity of the Disney Imagineers.

Walt was anonymously gifted with white marble statues of Snow White  and the Seven Dwarfs from Italy. All of the statues were roughly around the same height, rendering Snow White the same size as Doc, Dopey and the rest of the gang.

Walt was determined to incorporate them into the Disneyland Park but there was one unique problem, the statues needed a very creative and innovative home.

Walt commissioned designer John Hench the task of finding a solution to this very unique situation. At first he was quite bewildered as to how to best display these precious gifts and then he found the perfect solution,

The major elements of the landscape were designed scaled to give the illusion of depth and distance. With Snow White at the top of the scene  she appears to be in perfect proportion to her seven adoring merry men.

The display is so elegant and majestic it has found its way into three other Disney parks with the same  scaled disproportional dimensions as the original creation.

The site has been a favorite area for photos and proposals through out the years but started out with a gathering of 25 young boys and girls from 25 nations and members of Variety Clubs International to hear Walt Disney gave this speech:

Wishing long has been a favorite subject of mine. Wishes have come true for many of the characters in my motion pictures… and for me, too. A wish is really the first step in the realization of a dream or goal. Down through the ages, people have used different symbols to wish for things. Sometimes they looked at the stars, and other times the symbol was something else — very often wishing wells. Variety Clubs International is known throughout the world as ‘The Heart of Show Business.’ Its work — helping needy children — is carried out through many charities in many lands. So here at Disneyland, where we have visitors from all over the world, this Disneyland-Variety Clubs International Wishing Well is dedicated to youngsters everywhere. When you throw your coins into this wishing well, just remember that wishes made here at this well will really come true… for the children of the world.

May all YOUR wishes come true.

Have you ever seen the statues for yourself? Let us know. I know for us, we’re adding this to our bucket list of things to experience in Disneyland.

And if you see Mickey before we do, tell him we said Hi!

~Alissa & Kae



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