Watch Disney’s ‘Funny Little Bunnies’ and fun facts behind the short

Happy Easter! To celebrate the upcoming Holiday Weekend we wanted to share Disney’s Silly Symphony Funny Little Bunnies and some fun little ditties along the way.

Disney’s Silly Symphony ‘funny little bunnies’ was released on March 24, 1934, it is the only Easter-themed cartoon Disney has produced.

This seven minute short was directed by Disney veteran Wilfred Jackson. He was also instrumental in developing the system with which Disney added music and sound to Steamboat Willie.

The main title music and the song “See the Funny Little Bunnies” with lyrics by Larry Morey and Leigh Harline,  nicely explains the story line of this fun little short.

Lyrics: The storybooks say that far, far away, There’s a green enchanted dell, Where the rainbow ends and everything is gay, And the Easter bunnies dwell, They paint pretty eggs the whole year through, And the storybooks all declare, That only the folks who believe it true, Can go and see them there
See the funny little bunnies, See them play away making eggs all day, See the funny little bunnies, See the care they take with the eggs they make, Each design they make is fine, The Easter eggs are grand, See them all about, busy turning out, Pretty eggs in Bunny Land
See the funny little bunnies, See the things they’ve made, see them all displayed, See the funny little bunnies, See the eggs they’ll hide during Eastertide, Say good day, they’re going away, Away from the happy land, It’s a shame to go, but we have to, And so we say farewell, A very fond farewell, To funny Bunny Land, To funny Bunny Land

More interestingly, Florence Gill, who is known for providing the voice of Clara Cluck, did the voices for the singing chickens.

Mary Moder and Dorothy Compton, the voices of Fifer Pig and Fiddler Pig in the Three Little Pigs, sang as the girl trio.

While attention has been given to Flowers and Trees as the first three-strip Technicolor film…

…it was actually Funny Little Bunnies that was used to experiment with the full possibilities of Technicolor.

In 1938, Herbert Kalmus, the founder of Technicolor confirmed he used the short  to convince other studios on the value of Technicolor, he told a group:

“I have said to producers and directors on many occasions: ‘You have all seen Disney’s ‘Funny Bunnies’; you remember the huge rainbow circling across the screen to the ground and you remember the Funny Bunnies drawing the color of the rainbow into their paint pails and splashing the Easter eggs. You all admit that it was marvelous entertainment. Now I will ask you how much more did it cost Mr. Disney to produce that entertainment in color than it would have in black and white?’ The answer is; of course, that it could not be done at any cost in black and white, and I think that points to the general answer. A similar analogy can be drawn with respect to some part of almost any recent Technicolor feature.”

To answer Kalmus’ question the cost of the film was $21, 975.17 and won a Gold Medal for “Best Animated Film 1934” at the Venice Film Festival. Enjoy the full short below.

Your turn. Let us know what you think about the Funny Little Bunnies.

And if you see Mickey before we do, tell him we said Hi!

~Alissa & Kae

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