Watch Walt Preview The Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

In honor of the newly re-imagined role of the infamous “Red Head”  in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction we thought the clip of Walt explaining his vision and the story behind the original attraction would be fun to share.

If Walt was a master of anything he was a master storyteller.  The attention to details and painstaking commitment to bringing the story to life is sometimes lost on us as we in are immersed  in the worlds the imagineers create.

We have found as we float along we fill in lines and form our own story line based on how we interpret the Pirate world around us. Listening to Walt talk about the original thoughts and concepts behind the story he was trying to tell was enlightening and fun. Not to mention seeing some of the familiar faces in their beginning stages and how the original story has evolved over time. Check it out let us know what you think.

And if you see Mickey before we do, tell him we said Hi!

~Alissa & Kae

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